Helsinki attractions: Sea Life

DSCN5005Helsinki Sea Life (Tivolitie 10)  is open all year round (except for the Christmas holiday) and it’s right next to the Linnanmäki amusement park.

Sea Life is ridiculously expensive. The tickets are 16,50 € for adults and 12,50 € for children over the age of three. If you buy them in advance online the adult tickets are 15 € and the children’s tickets are 11 €. I took my niece and nephew to visit Sea Life. I had a Tallink Silja Club Card and Shopper card so we didn’t have to pay for the full price (I doubt whether we had gone and paid 52 € for an hour of looking at fish).  DSCN5000DSCN4978 At best the whole tour, walked in a leasurily pace and taking lots of pictures, takes about an hour.DSCN5014DSCN5033DSCN5034 DSCN5055 DSCN5061 DSCN5062If I was a tourist and visiting Helsinki, I wouldn’t go to Sea Life. It is just too expensive. It is all about exotic sea creatures, which is understandable because watching local rainbow trout or herring isn’t that thrilling. Most tourists visiting Finland can see the fish on display living free in their country. Also, I have a deep resentment against watching animals in captivity, however well they are treated, or how much their captivity is justified because of conservationism. I remember seeing free living dolphins in Paihia, NZ and a a huge stingray just swimming around the pier in peace. It was much more satisfying and unforgettable!

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