Muru (in Finnish it can mean ‘a crumb’ or ‘sweetheart/darling’) is a traditional French cuisine fine dining restaurant in the Punavuori district in Helsinki. You can easily book a table through their website. It is a popular restaurant so booking in advance is recommended.

This is the second time I have eaten at Muru. I like the restaurant, because even if it is a fine dining restaurant, it is quite small and has a laidback atmosphere. The food is incredible, but what is more important to me is that the food is actually edible. No matter how highbrow it is to eat hooves or pork’s cheeck, I refuse to eat them. At Muru the menu contains surprises and there is always something you haven’t tried before, but the food is not too far out of your comfort zone. It’s just good food with a twist, that is prepared from simple ingredients, but with much care and thought.


Our menu for the evenining started with a blini waffle with sour cream, red onion, roe and gherkins. It was a good union of sweet and savory and we wasted no time in devouring the first dish.


The restaurant had received a shipment of fresh truffles earlier in the day. The waitress didn’t have to work hard to convince us to have an extra dish of fresh truffle ravioli. I had never eaten truffles before and they were delicious.


The main course was pressed lamb blade and rack of lamb with almond-potato puree, chestnut sauce and vegetables. The lamb was so well-made and just melted in your mouth, but incredibly salty.

DSCN5144This dish was followed by French cheeses, fennel bread and pear jam. I love cheese, but I am not a big fan of brie. Brie with pear jam is definitely better than just brie. When I lived in Paris I loved the fact that you could order a cheese plate for lunch or dinner and it was always absolutely delicious.

Our bellies were pretty full, but we managed to squeeze in the dessert. The dessert was apple sorbet with vanilla cream and apple compote with salty caramel sauce. Simply delicious!

The menu was well thought-through and will satisfy the tastebuds of  even a tougher foodie.

Muru is located at Fredrikinkatu 41, 00120 Helsinki and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The four dish menu costs 52 € (the truffle risotto was  10 €, glass of white wine 12,50 € and a glass of red wine 13,50€).

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