Afternoon tea at Brasserie Kämp

While you are doing your best trying to find the the perfect Christmas gift for your family it is nice to stop for a minute and treat yourself by having a nice pot of tea.


Brasserie Kämp is located in the touristy high street area at Pohjoisesplanadi 29. Founded in 1887, it is known to be the the fashionable place to be seen. Afternoon tea at Brasserie Kämp requires a booking in advance. It is worth a try even though it didn’t get on my top-5 afternoon teas list.

Afternoon tea at the Brasserie Kämp costs 37 €. The surroundings are very glamorous. We chose the Royal Pai Mu Tan tea (white tea), Jasmine Ting Yuan tea and Ceylon Assam to drink.

The first tier had cured beef á la Kämp, shrimp sandwich, charred whitefish on a fennel bread and sour cream and goat brie with pear and caramelized walnuts. The sandwiches were superb! The beef was exquisite, but the real winner was the whitefish.

The second tier was scones with jams and whipped cream. It is always dissapointing when you are offered whipped cream instead of clotted cream. It is not the same thing and they don’t taste the same. I can’t wait to go back to the UK and have scones with proper clotted cream.


The last tier had  a lemon filled profiterole, a mille feuille with apples and caramel, a macaroon and a chocolate tartlette spiced with coffee (that just tasted of coffee).

Afternoon tea at Brasserie Kämp was nice, but compared to the afternoon tea at Salutorget, Salutorget has a much nicer atmosphere, follows the traditional etiquette and is much cheaper. I’ll write a post about Salutorget next month.

And now to the ridicilous sounding complaints list (that I have already commented to save you the trouble!) ….There were tiny tiny things that irritated me at Brasserie Kämp. These were tiny things, but annoyed me since I had to pay 37 €. Firstly, the tiers were not in the traditional order and you had to eat from top-to-bottom instead of bottom-up. Oh the first world problems and woes, aye? Secondly, the cheeses were not offered at room temperature as they should have. Alas, how dreadful and lethal it is to eat cheese at fridge temperature…The third small thing that irritated me was that the scones were not fresh or airy. The most irritating thing, however, was that we were seated in a place that had a constant draught and I had to wear my scarf the whole time.

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