City Festival: Lux Helsinki

In the winter time it gets dark in Finland… really dark… By four pm it is pitch black outside. That’s why I hope tourists who visit Finland during the winter months come for a visit during the summer to see the really bright summer nights we have. Just to get the whole experience! It’s all about balance. We have dark, we have bright, we have cold, we have hot.

Lux Helsinki is a city festival that tries to bring light to the dark January months. It’s one of my favourite city festival. The idea is simple and since it is outdoors you don’t feel crowded.

Here are some pictures from last year’s Lux Helsinki. Last year I only had time to go and see a fire circus performance so this year I decided to do better.DSCN2859

Lux Helsinki was a bit different from last year. It was smaller and the installations were closer to each other.

Helsinki Cathedral bell tower Shader: Megamap by Shader Oy was an unbelievable 3 D work that my pictures do not do justice. The images just seem to pop out of nowhere against the bell tower.

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Helsinki Cathedral Several artists: Ilon kuvia (pictures of joy) was a stunning colourful installation that used the shape of the cathedral in a very imaginative way. It’s unbelievable what artists can do with lighting!

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The Lantern Park had some interesting lanterns and other works.

CLOUD by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett was a nice interactive work.

My favourite installations were:

-The Candy House by the Sun Effects

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-They were here by Alexander Reichstein

Even though it was -24°C, the luminous installations made sure you couldn’t feel the cold. I love it when the city organizes events like these. It is not just for tourists, but the locals get to see their city in a new light too!

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