Harto Honore + Hay About a chair AAC22

I needed a new workdesk even though I loved my old one. My old one was a big, brown heavy dream from Ikea. Unfortunately it was too dark and bulky for my flat and had been an eyesore ever since I moved here. So after five years of living in this flat, I carefully put my old desk in bubblewrap and hauled it to my storage unit in the attick to wait for a better time. I thought about selling it, but I couldn’t be parted with it. Not yet anyway… My parents bought it for me. Hopefully it will find a better place in my next flat.

I kept going between buying Hay’s Copenhague CPH190 table and Harto’s Honore. I ended up choosing the latter one, even if it was slightly more expensive.



My old workchair was in a pretty rough state. I managed to sell it for 10 € online. I chose Hay’s white coloured About a chair AAC22, which I think works really well with Honore.

I took down from my wall a magnetic board from Ikea and put it between the compartments so I have somewhere to put things.

And don’t worry. Knowing me, that desk will not stay that empty for long.


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