Afternoon Tea at Svenskt Tenn

The last time I was in Stockholm in the summer, I enjoyed afternoon tea with my mum in the lovely Stockholm Tea & Garden in Vasastad. The homemade lemon curd was sensational (and led me to try and do my own lemon curd with a moderate success)!

As lovely as Stockholm Tea  Garden was, one of the best thing about travelling is that you get to experience and try new things. This time I wanted to enjoy afternoon tea somewhere else and after a bit of googling, I ended up making a reservation to Svensk Tenn.

Svensk Tenn (Strandvägen 5) is actually a Swedish interior design company founded in 1924. The name Tenn comes from the Swedish word for pewter as the company, in the early days, produced affordable pewter objects. The Tea Room is on the second floor of the shop, so you cannot miss the colourful fabrics, curtains, pillows and adorable bags as you make your way. Unfortunately, Svensk Tenn is not a cheap brand.

The tea room is quite small. The other side of the room is a museum display where you get to see what the boutique looked like in the early days. The room is adorned using Svensk Tenn fabrics so the room has some colourful pillows and lovely fresh flowers.


The afternoon tea at Svensk Tenn begins with shrimps on rye loaf with homemade mayonnaise, capers, eggs and marinated fennel.  As you can see from the picture, they aren’t stingy with their use of shrimps! The sandwich was delicious and very filling. I chose a Sri Lankan black tea that was very dark and rich in flavor.


After eating the sandwich, you had to make room for two toasty scones. The regular and raisin miniscones (and I did really appreciate that they were mini and not regular size as the sandwich had already done a good up at filling me up!) were served with apple marmalade and whipped butter.

The petit fours were chocolate almond biscotti, a wonderful lemon cheesecake with Matcha tea and and absolutely mouthwatering chocolate salted caramel.

The only danger in having a tea room inside a shop is, that you don’t leave empty handed. I decided to splurge moderately and bought tulip napkins for our Easter meal and crayfish napkins to our Crayfishfest in August.


So if you enjoy colorful fabrics and a bit of Swedish design with a cup of tea, Svensk Tenn is the place for you!

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