Afternoon Tea at Café Monarch (Turku)

I ran into the age old problem of what to get your friend for her birthday. I didn’t want to buy anything because she has a very unique taste. She lives in Turu which was also a bit of a problem since I don’t really know what the city has to offer. After a bit of internet searching, I decided to take her to Café Monarch  for afternoon tea.

Café Monarch (Humalistonkatu 7 A) is a short walk away from Turku railwaystation. We chose the full English afternoon tea for two (39€).



The first tier included cucumber and cheese finger sandwiches (my friend changer her to ham finger sandwich), sausages with pickled cucumber (a bit of and oddball!), a small meat pie and a salty scone with proscioutto.


The second tier  had scones with rasberry and strawberry jam.



The last tier had cupcakes, a slice of Victoria sponge cake and a cookie (that we were far too full to finish or even to take a picture of).

The afternoon tea was ok. You got your belly full for sure, but it didn’t have much of a wow factor. They have only been in business for two years, so maybe they are still finding their footing. My problem was with the actual cafe. In order to maximize the number of tables (which is a good business idea), some of the tables were set next to the window on a platform. The café felt crowded and small even though half of the tables were empty. Our table was next to the door so there was a constant draft when people entered and exited the café. In the summer you might have a different experience and actually enjoy the cool breeze.

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