HKI attractions: Kiasma

The Finnish museum of modern art Kiasma organizes exhibitions showing Finnish and international talents. When visiting Finland you have to remember the scale of things. There are only a bit over 5 million Finns living in the northest corner of Europe. Our MoA can’t compete with New York’s MoA. I love the fact that despite this, we still have a MoA. I think it sends a positive message of the status of art in our society.


The light in Kiasma is my favourite part and it was also the source of inspiration for the architect Steve Holl. When you are walking up the ramp you are bathed in light and you get this sense of calmness wash over you. The ramp also brings a child-like feeling as you walk up not knowing what you will see and you become excited because every step brings you closer to the next corner.


They were building their new exhibitions so the only open exhibition when I visited was Ernesto Neto’s.


The entrance to Kiasma is free on the first Friday of each month, normally it is 12€ for adults.Check Kiasma for more information about the current exhibitions.

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