Event: Food and Music (Hietalahti Hall)


The idea is good: attract people withfood and music. At Hietalahti hall you can get sample menus for 3-5 € on specific days (check  event calendar for them).

I tried the following:


-roast beef with pear and lettuce


-chicken with rice, kimchi, kale and lemongrass


-smoked herring with peppermint sour cream and croutons.


-chocolate mousse cake

The food was ok, but a bit bland. The only dish with a bit of flavour was the herring even though it was a struggle to eat the croutons with a small plastic fork.


The event concept is good, but it could have been organized a bit better. I stumbled on the event by chance online as it wasn’t publicized widely. I was also a bit confused about the event’s target group. Is it meant for tourists or local people?  They have been organizing these evenings during the weekends over a month. The vendors didn’t really seem into this by the last week of the event when I visited. The hall isn’t really suitable to play music because of the acoustic. You couldn’t really hear the music and it was just annoying background noise.

It was an ok way to sample some different foods but I would have happily spend the same amount of money in a restaurant ordering different appetizers.

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