Event: Finland v USA

If you are not sure what to do in Helsinki, try getting tickets to a hockeygame.

Ice hockey is a big deal in Finland as it is our unofficial national sport. Our national sport is Finnish baseball, but our true passion is ice hockey. We Finns are ridiculously proud of our NHL players. Every year when Finland plays against  “our-mortal-enemy” Sweden, the nation is glued to their tv screens.

Before the start of The Ice Hockey World Championship games in St.Petersburg, Finland and the USA had a practice game in Helsinki.

Watching a game is a thrilling experience even if you aren’t a sports nut. The pace is so quick, you have to concentrate and keep your eyes on the puck and the audience reacts strongly to everything. The whole atmosphere in the venue is so intense you are just sucked into the game.

What I found a bit embarassing and unsportmanship, was the lack of support shown to team USA.  The goalkeeper from team USA made a stunning save at one point and it was received with total silence in the crowd (except for my clapping). Come on! It’s just good manners to show some love and appreciation to the other team!


In Helsinki HIFK plays in the Finnish ice hockey league and you can get tickets to their games from ticketmaster.fi.

Jokerit plays in the KHL and you can purchase tickets to their game from lippu.fi

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