Event: Finnair Plus Enjoy Life

Finnair organized a wine, food & music event for their Finnairplus customers. I am not much of a wine drinker, but the names of the restaurants offering street food at the event were so appealing I decided to go. The casual street food were made by Ravintola Muru (read about Muru), Street Gastro, Ravintola Olo ja Thai Papaya. You got two vouchers for food and three for wine when you arrived and you could buy more of them if you really wanted to sample.


I made a rookie mistake. I chose from the menu and after using my two vouchers the other dishes people were walking  around with seemed much nicer. Or maybe it was just eater’s regret?!

I headed straight to Street Gastro that offered Mexican hot dogs and Seitan sandwiches. I chose the Mexican hot dog that was fine.

I decided to go out of my comfort zone and headed to Ravintola Olo. They had on their menu Emmer semolina porridge with dried reindeer heart and mushroom sauce. It wasn’t something I would have chosen from the menu, but it was really good. The taste was delicious, but the structure was a bit peculiar (to a novice of fine dining at least)  and it felt funny to eat it with a spoon.


After wondering the venue a bit I got a glance of Thai Papaya’s dish and thought really hard about buying another voucher so I could sample it, but I managed to convince myself I didn’t have to overeat.


I don’t drink wine. Ever. I’ve tried, but it isn’t my thing. I just find the taste repulsing. When I lived in Paris I learned to drink beer instead of wine (because beer was cheper than cider) so I think that sums how bad I am at drinking wine. Luckily I managed to find the only three beers in the place and could use my vouchers: Portuguese artesan beer, Indian pale ale and a Dutch wheat beer.

Thank you Finnair, Street Gastro, Ravintola Olo and others!

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