Event: Helsinki Restaurant Day

Everyone has a signature dish that you have mastered over the years. What could be better, or more nerve-wrecking, than to whip up your best dish (or a never before tried dish if feel really adventurous!) and serve it to a large number of strangers?  On Helsinki Restaurant Day you can be the chef and offer your cookings to others.

You can just walk the city centre and look what the parks have to offer you or if you are really organized you can check the menus and do your own route at Restaurantday.org/fi .

My food journey started in Greece with a chicken gyro. It was tasty, but the best gyro that I have eaten still remains in Turkey. There was this tiny grill used by the locals close to our hotel in Alanya that sold these spicy chicken gyros in this incredible yogurt sauce.


It was followed by tasting a Columbian empanada with sauce. SO DELICIOUS! The picture is a bit wonky because I had to take it under a yellow tent. I think empanadas and sweet potato fries are the only reason I could consider buying a deep frier. Making empanadas this summer just went on to my to-do- list! So good!


I was so tempted to try Indian Samosas, spring rolls, Brazilian food and so many different things, but for a woman who can eat surprising amounts of food, I was quite full after only eating these two dishes.

I quickly checked the desserts and chose a Vietnamese ice lolly to cool me and a red velvet cupcake to finish my restaurant day.

This was the last Restarant Day in Helsinki that is organized on special day. Now the organizers are calling each day a restaurant day so you can offer your cookings any day you want, but make sure to put your restaurant up on the site or  otherwise peple won’t find you. I thought it was a good idea to reserve a special day for this event, but hopefully people will still participate either by cooking or being a customer.

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