Event: Helsinki Day

Helsinki Day is organized once a year to celebrate the city and its citizens. There are events all around the city to toddlers up to senior citizens. Some museums, swimming halls and buildings are free on this day and you can even go inside a working Finnish Navy minesweeper. There are design orienteering, fishing competition, flee markets, workshops, dancing, music and concerts organized around the city.


My first stop was to check out one of the installations made by Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama. This turned out to be just some trees wrapped around red and white polkadot fabric. Apparently the dots symbolise many things like the sun. A lot of the time contemporary art is lost on me…

I was really looking forward to seeing the giant soap bubble show, but it was too windy for them to work and the show turned out to be a bit of a dud.

I was a bit undecided whether or not to go and see the National Ballet’s summer tour performance and I was so glad I went. Their performancee was fantastic! I always admire when people can do something I can’t. The dancers made the movements seem so easy and effortless. Their costumes were gorgeous! I have never seen a full ballet performance so think I might need to buy tickets to see one…


Thank you for a lovely day! Can’t wait to see what next year’s program will have!



One thought on “Event: Helsinki Day

  1. Nice photos. Well I do not appreciate very much those wrapped trees although they are gorgeous. The idea is old and seen all over the world. To wrap trees by handcrafts as called “yarn bombing”. In Finland, in Joroinen people do this much better:

    Crochet tractor.

    This is about which I appreciate. Maybe You too?

    Happy blogging!


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