HKI attractions: Linnanmäki amusement park

Linnanmäki amusement park is worth a visit in the summer. As soon as you enter you feel like a child and you just want to run from one ride to another.

Compared to the amusement parks abroad, Linnanmäki is quite small. It has the essentials: carousels, a rollercoaster, tea cups, an arcade, a ferris wheel, a haunted house, a monorail and a bunch of other rides. I bet you will enjoy your visit and find something fun to do.


The entrance to the are is free, so if you don’t feel like going on rides, you can wander in just to enjoy a cotton candy or an ice cream. Some of the rides for younger children are free. You can buy a wristband (39€ for a day wristband or 30€ for the evening wristband) or just tickets for the rides.

My pictures look a bit eerie because I  went  a couple of hours before closing time and tried to take the pictureswithout any people, but now the amusement park looks abandoned.


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