Porvoo is one the most picturesque little towns in Finland. When the city gets too noisy, Porvoo is always a good place to escape to.

On a lazy Saturday we decided to drive to Porvoo instead of staying in the city. We arrived there at nine o’clock and headed straight to the woods. The castle hill is close to the parking lot so we spend an hour wandering in the woods. Forests are so magical! I have to spend just a few minutes in silence in a forest and I immediately feel less stressed.


After an hour long hike in the woods, we decided to head back to old town. As soon as you walk over the old stone bridge and see the cobbled streets, you start to forget your sense of urgency (or it might be due to the fact that you can’t walk fast up a cobbled stoned hill! )


Porvoo is a foodie’s paradise. Bursting with local and unique artisan shops you can find some really good gems as long as you aren’t afraid to go inside the shops to take a peek.

Our first stop was Pieni Suklaatehdas (Little Chocolate Factory) just as the church bell chimed ten o’clock. As well as buying some delicious sea salted chocolate, we grabbed two enormous freshly baked chocolate muffins for the ridiculous price of 1,50! You need to try them! We went over to the Porvoo Cathedral and enjoyed our muffins in the church yard.


If you like coffee, you might want to visit Porvoo Paahtimo (Porvoo Roastery) next to the riverbank. You can enjoy a cuppa on the spot or buy some coffee to take home with you.

If you prefer tea or sweets, I know just the place for you. Skafferi (Jokikatu 41) has a fantastic selection of teas and sweets! Just be careful, you might end up spending more than you expected.

Porvoo also has many interior decorating shops, so make sure sure you pop inside as many as you can, because you can find almost anything in the backrooms.

Make sure you have time to play “What doll-like pastel dream house would I live in?”. Porvoo has some really nice old wooden houses with lovely courtyard gardens youjust want to stay in with a good book enjoying the sunshine.


Porvoo is famous for Brunberg chocolate so make sure you visit their shop in the city (Välikatu 4) or their factory (Teollisuustie 19 B).

Before going back to the city, we decided to eat some lunch. We ended up going to El Patio (Kirkkokatu 4, 06100 Porvoo) which had a lovely outdoor patio to enjoy the weather over some delicious food.

So, that was my lazy day in Porvoo.

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