Afternoon tea at Bergga


Bergga is a café next to Karhupuisto (Bear park) that serves afternoon tea on Wednesdays, Thursdays  and Fridays from 4 pm to 6 pm. I’ve heard high praise of their brunch and they also have on their menu a good selection of quiches and other mouthwatering dishes so it is worth a visit. It is very popular with the locals and entertains a motley crowd of urban hipsters, artists and laptop workers.





I have to especially mention the tea. It was so good. I like my afternoon tea to be strong, full bodied and rich. That tea pot delivered  all of that to the extent that I drank the whole pot despite it being 20ºC outside!


Fluffy scones!


I had forgotten that custard tarts existed. To be honest, I’m not really a fan, since they taste so bland.


Slices of chocolate cake and ginger cake for the sweet tooths.

DSCN6257And the cherry on top: homemade chocolate.


The best part of Bergga’s afternoon tea is the price. Tea for two is 18€! If you like enjoying your afternoon tea in a bit informal and relaxed atmosphere, head to Bergga!

Thanks to chef Lloyd and the staff!

When I booked afternoon tea at Bergga, it was the first time I told in advance that I was doing a piece about afternoon tea places in Helsinki. This turned out to be a bit awkward for me (in my head). The staff was really friendly and chef Lloyd came to meet me and asked rapid fire questions about tea etiquette to show my mettle (and I think I passed the test). They went to all this trouble making the tray for two people instead just for me, because it will look better in pictures which meant half of it was left uneaten. And then I just felt silly… Why would they need to bother? This is just a silly blog that tells my opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Instead of relying on someone else’s opinion, try it out for yourself. Weirdly, writing this was more confining because in a sense I lost my anonymity.





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