Visit: Nuuksio National Park

What to do when you have friends from abroad visiting you and everything is closed because of Midsummer Day? Take them out! Not to any restaurant, but to the great outdoors.


Nuuksio National Park is a short train and a bus ride away from Helsinki. It’s a perfect place to take your foreign visitors to show them Finnish nature.


Armed with a good picnic lunch (strawberries, watermelon and vegan chocolate cookies),  plenty of water and plasters, we started our journey.

Nature centre Haltia is located in Nuuksio, but it was closed when we visited the park. It is worth going to Haltia if are interested in Finnish nature. We hopped off at Haukkalampi bus stop and walked two kilometres to get to the starting point.


I had printed out a map in advance so all we had to decide  was what path we would take. Keeping in mind we still had to walk 2 kilometres back to the bus stop, we chose the modest blue route that was 3,7 kilometres.


The whole route was marked clearly with blue signs so it was very easy to follow and quite difficult to get lost.


The scenery was really nice and kept you going.


Dont’ rush! Make sure you have enough time to enjoy the trail. Our trip with travel time took about 5 hours.


 For more information about visiting Nuuksio check the website.

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