Homemade Vegan Afternoon tea

I had a vegan friend from Australia visiting me for a few days. I had hoped to have a picnic in a park with her, but a quick look at the weather forecast had this to say:


So I decided to offer her afternoon tea in my flat safe from the pouring rain. She is a vegan so I had to google some recipes.

Vegan Afternoon Menu

Fresh basil and tomato bread with cucumber

Scones with rhubar jam


Chocolate cookies



I used soya jogurt and soya jogurt for the vegan scones.


I just love this Pip bowl!


These chocolote cookies were so good! No eggs or butter just rapeseed oil and dark syrup. So delicious!


The menu was put together in a rush and was mostly inspired by the things I already had in my cupboards. At first I thought it would take a lot of effort to do a vegan afternoon tea, but turns out it was quite easy to put together. Those chocolate cookies are definitely going to have a permanent spot on my baking list.


So if you have a vegan friend, why don’t treat him or her with a vegan friendly afternoon tea?!

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