HKI attractions: the Cathedral

DSCN6365[1]Helsinki Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks in Helsinki. Dominating the Senate square, this impressive neoclassical style church is a popular meeting point (and any self respecting fashion blogger in Finland has to have at least one ootd post taken on the stairs of the Cathedral).


We went to listen to a free organ music performance late on Sunday, but the the best time to visit the Cathedral is really early in the morning before the tourist buses arrive. There are worse ways to start the morning than enjoying Café Engels’s breakfast.


The Senate Square is one of my favourite places in the city architectually. There is just so much space, colour and history packed into that small Square.



Helsinki is said to be the gate between the East and the West and I think Senate Square is where you actually get to see it. Right in front of the Cathedral is the statue of Emperor Alexander the Second and the buildings surrounding the Square are so richly decorated and grandiose.


Most people seem to like the cathedral best during the summer when you can chill at the stairs and enjoy people watching.

My favourite time to see the Cathedral, however, is during the winter. Just imagine those stairs covered in fresh snow. It’s just magical!






The Cathedral is a famous landmark and as I was looking back at old photos of it, it is really cool how the Cathedral has been included in the city’s events.

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