HKI attractions: Korkeasaari zoo

There is nothing better than seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, due to human actions, some endangered species only survive in zoos and conservation programs. People have different views about zoos. I personally don’t much enjoy watching animals in captivity, but I do appreciate the biodiversity and conservationist efforts of zoos. DSCN6434Korkeasaari zoo is the home of 150 animal species and almost 1000 plants.

If want to visit the Helsinki Zoo, you can take bus number 16 from the main railway station or catch the ferry in the summer. You can buy the ferry ticket on the ferry. You can pay the entrance fee at the gate (14 € for adults)  or if you want to save 2 € and are good using google translate buy the tickets online here. (You can switch the language to English, but it requires you to log in).

Amur Leopard


Red Panda

Peacocks (Indian peafowl)


sleeping brown bear

Steller’s sea eagle



baby Pere David’s deer


Red wallaby


Wisent, European buffalo


snow leopard




Barbary ape


wild boar

Exploring Korkeasaari will easily take hours. Remember to bring your picnic with you as there are many picnic spots.

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