You’ve seen Britains’ s best bakery tv show, right? In 2014 Aroma bakery was selected Finland’s best bakery in the Finnish tv show.


Aroma is in Ostrabothnia in a small village of Kvevlax (Swedish) or Koivulahti (Finnish). They also have a store in Vaasa if you can’t make it all the way to original bakery. We were on a mini roadtrip so we stopped in the original bakery to try their famous bread.


The smell of fresh bread will hit you immediately at the door. Aroma has a good selection of breads, cakes and pastries. There are two big tables to sit in  if you want to enjoy your treat and tea on the spot.

The chocolate-peanutbutter cookies were delicious and almost the size of my palm.

The cakes vanished superfast from the plates.


Like all good things, the bread isn’t cheap. A loaf of Levan bread costs 5 €. The bread is so good and worth the praise. Luckily, the distance will make sure I don’t get bankrupt spending all my money on bread.

One thought on “Aroma

  1. These cakes look divine! I’ve been eating too many cakes this summer, so I am glad this bakery is nowhere near me 😛


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