We happened to stop in Pietarsaari on our little road trip. I immediately knew where I wanted to grab lunch.


Friends&BRGRS is one of my favourite hamburger places that is originally from Pietarsaari. There is one in Helsinki that I have gone to a couple of times. The burgers were good, but people raved about the fries ,which I didn’t understand… until I visited the original Friends&BRGRS in Pietarsaari and tried their fries. The difference between the two places is like night and day.

Pietarsaari has the good fries whereas Helsinki doesn’t. The fries in Helsinki are so thin and flavorless. Pietarsaari doesn’t use as much plastic and disposable dishware. In Helsinki the diner has a more fast food like decore and mood, whereas in Pietarsaari there is a lot more room and it is quieter. The customer volumes are different, but it is hard to go back to enjoying Helsinki Friends&BRGRS fries now that I’ve experienced the original. Luckily, the burgers are excellent in both places!


Friends&BRGRS is also opening a diner in Copenhagen soon so keep that in mind if you are heading that way!


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