My friend and I decided to visit our friend in London. The plan was to enjoy the last warm days in London and catch up. London is one of my favourite towns and I have such good memories from the city.


We arrived late on Thursday so we aimed for a quick dinner, shower and bed. We stayed at Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt on Cromwell road near the Gloucester tube stop. It was a bit expensive (even though we got a good deal by booking early), but we enjoyed our stay, so it was money well spent.

DSCN6868 (2)

On Friday we hit the parks. It was such a sunny and warm day and just begging for a picnic. We hang around Hyde Park after shopping along Oxford Street just enjoying the sunshine and writing our postcards. DSCN6862 (2)

DSCN6865 (2)

We all love Harry Potter so we did our own Harry Potter walking tour of London. It was a fun way to see the city on foot and talk along the way. We walked to King’s Cross station, the Millenium Bridge and saw the Grimmauld place and Gringotts Bank.

DSCN6876 (2)


On Friday night we went to see Romeo & Juliet at the Garrick(Branagh) theatre. We bought the tickets for two reasons. First, I love a good Shakespearian play. Second, Richard Madden plays Romeo. We briefly humoured ourselves with the idea of shouting “The King in the North” when he appears on stage. Unfortunately, Madden didn’t perform, but he was replaced by Freddie Fox (who did a good job). Sir Derek Jacobi was excellent and just mindblowing as Mercutio.


On Saturday we chilled around Holland Park and did some shopping. I always seem too buy the same things when I am in the UK. Cardbury’s hot chocolate, Tetley’s tea, shortbread cookies and jams. I did find Harry Potter socks for my sisters from Primark.

I’m a tea addict and I hit Fortunum & Mason hard. Super hard! But who can resist their adorable tins?! I even bought a canvas bag just so celebrate my tea addiction! Their window displays near Oxford Circus are beautiful and the shop itself is very pretty with wonderful flower arrangements. I know where I’ll be having afternoon tea next time!

DSCN6902 (2)

We also had afternoon tea at the Ritz (a whole blog entry coming on that experience). Afterwards, we went to a pub to watch the Olympic games.

On Sunday we slept late and enjoyed a very unhealthy breakfast at Paul next to our hotel. Their beignets are the best that I have had (note: I haven’t been to New Orleans, yet!) We walked to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs and whales.

Too soon it was time pack our bags and say our goodbyes, but we did agree on our next destination: Amsterdam in 2017!


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