The Night of the Arts, Helsinki

For the 28th time, for a whole night, Helsinki was transformed into an arena for the arts. There are all kinds of cultural events all over the city and you just need to pick and choose which ones to attend. Luckily, they have a good app that you can download so that you are in the right place at the right time.


I like events like these, because you learn something new about your home city. You go around a corner that you haven’t gone before and see parts of the city you might not often see.

People are, generally, happy and well-behaved and it is almost a rule that you will bumb into friends that you haven’t seen in a while as the whole city seems to be out and about. The Night of the Arts seems to me to be the last hurrah before the dark and cold winter months.

There are three simple things you need to do to ensure you have a great NotA. 1. Download the app 2. Make sure you wear good walking shoes 3. Make sure you have cash to pay for food .


At the Senate Square there was a big sea life art installation by South Korean Choi Jeong Hwan made out of plastic bags. The big octopus and the smaller fish looked so cool from up the stairs.



I like the fact, that there is something for everything in these kind of events. A secret garden was set up near Hietalahti market hall. It was a wonderful place for children to play games, blow soap bubbles, dance to music, do crafts and have a snack. A magical unicorn made sure that everyone got to pet it. Who wouldn’t want to pet a unicorn?


I spotted two tea events that I decided to check out, but didn’t stay for long in either. The other one was so packed you could barely turn without bumping into someone. I walked to Hesperia park and the teatent there wasn’t that exciting.  I went to a couple of different venues because their event description looked interesting only to realise there wasn’t much to see. Last year we had a march of the giant puppets (that I sadly missed because I was travelling) and I hope that next year we have something like that again.


There were a bunch of different art exhibitions around and the museums were free and open later. If the World Press Photo tour is coming to your country, I warmly recommend it. Just stunning, thought provoking, disturbing and disheartening photos that make you feel proud of  humans as well as being disappointed in humans.

Thanks to the organizers and fellow participants! Until next year!


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