Herttoniemi Block Party

Some areas in Helsinki, not mine unfortunately,  organize block parties to celebrate their communities. They sell food, have exhibitions, dance parties and performances. The content depends on the area as they like to highlight what is unique in their community and get local artists to perform. For the first time Herttoniemi threw their own block party which I decided to check out.


They had four different stages for musical performancs and different food trucks to feed the hungry. There were lots of different kinds of hamburgers and hot dogs to choose from and vegetarian choices as well. I chose Fafa’s puled beef hamburger. So delicious!


There was a family stage making sure the children were entertained and happy. During the event they also did a graffiti on one of the underpasses that I missed seeing because it wasn’t on my route.

The main reason I wanted to go was Tommy Lindgren. Just check him out:


I have been going to his gigs for over fifteen years. He is a wonderful, very talented and energetic performer and to top it of he seems to be a lovely person (not that I know him personally). Last time I saw him perform was in December 2015 and let me tell you, when he belted out the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage the place caught fire!


It was such a low key, no fuss, chill block party. People had picnics and hanged around the park just enjoying the music, the sunny weather and the atmosphere.I hope that they will organize one next year as well.

The event was organized by volunteers so a big thank you to all who made the block party happen!

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