Breakfast at Bröd Punavuori


My mom gave me some  restaurant vouchers that were expiring at the end of the month. I tried to think where to use them and decided to treat myself to a lazy big Sunday breakfast at Bröd Punavuori (Bulevardi 26). Bröd is downstairs at hotel Indigo so many of the people enjoying breakfast are hotel guests. The buffet style breakfast is served in a cosy nook. DSCN7113

The breakfast was a good hotel breakfast, offering all the usual trimmings you would expect, but nothing special. DSCN7107DSCN7108DSCN7109

The breakfast was simple in that you had a couple of choices. The emphasis was definately on quality rather than quantity and that made the breakfast really  delicious. Everything tasted good and fresh. The menu was clean, organic, local and Finnish. The organic juices were good and the pastries really fresh and tasty,  but the winner was the freshly baked bread. So good! They could earn a nice sum just selling it to tourists to take home and to locals (and the rasberry jam as well).


Breakfast costs 24 €.  The breakfast was excellent, but I’m not sure if I would pay for the full price. You can definitely find cheaper places to have breakfast close by, but on the other hand, if you offer organic, local and domestic products it does have the tendency to hike up the price.


After breakfast, as I waddled back home stomach full of delicious food, I saw so many people on their morning run. I just smiled and kept on waddling, heading straight to my bed to sleep my food coma.

Thank you Bröd and mom!

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