Brunch at Kokomo

I decided to take my mom to brunch after our shopping session. Kokomo (Uudenmankatu 16-20 00120 Helsinki) is a Tikibar that serves brunch on Saturdays between 12  until 14.30.


The menu is a big plus as it is different from the other brunch places in the city. No scrambled eggs, bacon or waffles in sight!


The brunch includes a fruit smoothie served in a bamboo glass, vegan citrus yoghurt, dried fruits and nuts, bread, tortillas, humus, guacamole, salsa, fried halloum cheese with passion fruit jam, manchego cheese, chicken wings, salmon takini, falafel, bean and corn salad, marinated vegetables, fried cauliflower and kvinoa salad, Hawaiian soft tacos with chipotle flavoured tofu or BBQ pulled pork, kiwi-passion fruit Pavlova and beetroot chocolate cake.


Unfortunately, the lighting in the place made it difficult to take decent photos plus the fact that I’m not the greatest photographer. I decided then just to concentrate on eating.


My favourite things from the menu were the  vegan citrus yogurt (that tasted more like passion fruit), their killer guacamole, the fried halloumi cheese & passionfruit jam (that didn’t taste like passionfruit), Kokomo`s falafels, the pulled pork and the fruit Pavlova.


The brunch is 22 € per person. Was it worth it? The brunch was good, but I don’t know if I would go again. The food was good, but the venue, in my opinion,  wasn’t really suitable for brunch.The brunch would benefit from a larger serving area, that would be on the right level, as now the whole table was too packed with people bent over it to fill their plates. Kokomo acts as a nightclub as well and the theme appropriate decor was a bit tacky in the daylight, but suits the place at night. The brunch definitely deserves credit for serving brunch with a twist. They offered things I haven’t seen on brunches before or put on the table myself.

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