dscn7151I got a free ticket from Habitat to attend Habitare. Habitare is an annual furniture, interior decoration and design event in Helsinki. During the same time there are other events at the same venue which you can attend with the same ticket like the antique fair, lighting event and contemporary art fair. I was mostly interested in interior decoration and design so I spend most of my time in hall 6 and 7.






As you walk around admiring the products and the showrooms made by professionals, while wondering why your flat doesn’t look anything like it, you can play my favourite game of “When I’m rich I’ll….”. I don’t know what kind of flat I’m going to buy in the future, but it is going to be interesting to try and make it look like my own. I like concrete, cold metals, mosaic tiles, grey colours and what not, so it is going to be interesting trying to combine everything. Luckily, I can focus on the money-saving aspect for the perceivable future.

My favourite parts of Habitare is to look at the designer students’ work and the things made from trash material.


There is also a design outlet and an eco design area. There are lots of offers from the showrooms, so if you can save a fair amount if you order or purchase at  Habitare. It’s  nice to watch pretty things and daydream of having this and that. You get ideas on how to do a make over to your flat and see so many interesting and beautiful things. I spend a couple of minutes of just looking at different taps for goodness’ sake!

I liked how plants were used in the interior decoration in the showrooms and the darker colours.

“Syli” (‘Lap’) by Aalto University students

Thank you Habitare and Habitat!

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