Helsinki Design Week


Helsinki Design Week is a week dedicated to celebrating Finnish and international design.

This year I was so swamped at work and I had a terrible cold, so I only had time and energy to see the installations around the city and a couple of other things.

There were altogether twelve  HDW HOP city installations around the city.

superKOLMEMEN by Plastique Fantastique was interesting. They had built a plastic bubble around one of the iconic statues in the city centre and people could go in to listen to music or other events in the programme.


Lähivalo – “Valo sinua lähellä” (The light close to you) by Anna van der Lei, Kristos Mavrostomos & Lähitapiola (a Finnish insurance company) was a installation made by bicycle lights.

The most interesting to me was the Helsinki Timepost by Joanna Rajkowska. I liked the idea behind the installation but the location could have been better as well as the scale.

The event’s webpage was an absolute nightmare to use. I couldn’t get it to work properly on my laptop or phone.

I hope next year, I am not going to be sick and can actually do a bit more during the Design Week.


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