A day in Tallinn

I decided to go across the pond to see how autumn was coming along in Tallinn. There was an apple festival outside Tallinn, but it was too cold in the morning for me to bother going there. I did not have any special plans, and as tends to  happen, the theme of the day quickly became food.

I decided to hop on the tram and go to Telliskivi to try out the much raved about F-Hoone (Telliskivi 60 A). The restaurant is a quirky looking place in a renovated old industrial hall. The windows are amazingly big so if you have a chance, sit on a table on the platform so you can look outside and admire the light.


The place sells delicious breakfast with absolutely ridiculously low price. You can’t get a good breakfast under 10€ in Helsinki, so in this place you get good value for money. I ordered the dark ciabatta hot sandwich with smoked chiken, crispy bacon, cucumber and tomato and syrniks with vanilla sauce and sour blackberry jam.


So good!


I really like Telliskivi area. It’s rough, edgy and so appealing in its shadyness.

After breakfast and a quick browse around the shops and the market, I went back to the city centre and to the usual shops at Viru keskus before doing a quick walkthrough around the old city.

The Estonian candy brand, Kalev, has a shop in the Rotermann quarter that is worth popping into if you have a sweet tooth.

I can’t visit Tallinn and not eat at Elevant! I ordered their chicken spinach curry with mango lassi and it was so good.


Too tired to walk around the city, I chose a place to have a pot of tea, read my book and wait for the embarkment to begin.


Sometimes it is just nice to get a way from your routine and have a quick getaway!

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