I am a bit of an autumn person. I don’t much care for the rain and the diminishing amount of day light, but I do love the crispy mornings that make everything seem possible and ‘ruska’. ‘Ruska’ is a Finnish word that is difficult to translate into English and I don’t think the term autumn russet really helps you to understand. The basic idea behind ‘ruska’ is to refer to the time in autumn when trees prepare for winter and their leaves change colour, so basically autumn foliage.

I woke just right after sunshine, took my camera and went for a walk around a park.


There was no one else in the park, the air was crispy and there was frost on the grass. Suddenly I heard the sound of geese and I looked up.


A skein of geese on their way south for the winter. See you next year!

I was walking around a path when I heard a noise that I couldn’t place at first. I looked up and saw another animal. A squirrel happily muching away up in the tree.


You could see green, red, pink, yellow, brown and black everywhere in the trees.


After that walk I felt so energized until I had a shower and had to take a quick nap. I should try and do more early morning walks because nature and exercise just do wonders for you. Have a great day!


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