Event:Liquorice and Salty liquorice Festival


Ah, the black gold! Finns tend to love liquorice, but the rest of the world does not seem to share our enthusiasm. I think it is similar to Australians and their love of Vegemite. Youtube is full of funny videos of people trying salty liquorice for the first time.


This was my first time going to Liquorice and Salty liquorice Festival. It sure delivered what it said in the banner. Liquorice in all kinds of form: ice cream, salt, honey, sweets, yogurt and chips. Delicious samples to enjoy the classics and new flavours and uses of liquorice.


Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic brands were represented and all you had to do was try their samples and choose what to buy.

I was introduced a couple of new brands: Liq and Ålands Mejeriet. Liq is made in Finland and has unique flavor combinations that work surprisingly well together like orange and black pepper and salty caramel. So delicious! Ålands Mejeriet makes a mouth-watering  liquorice yogurt that is perfect as a treat or could be used in baking and making desserts. The taste of liquorice was smooth and subtle and the liquorice yogurt is definitely on my shopping list. If you get a chance, do try it!


The liquorice ice creams that Kolme Kaverin Jäätelö and Jymy offered samples of,  were delicious.


After filling my belly with delicious samples and chatting with several vendors, I made my purchases. I bought liquorice honey that I can’t wait to put on toast and some baked apples, Liq liquorice boxes and a bit more liquorice (you know, just in case).


The pre-bought ticket cost 10 € and tickets from the door cost 12 €. There was a long queue outside so I recommend buying the tickets in advance. Was it worth it? I wouldn’t say so. Unless there is something very special set up for next year, I think this was a one time thing even though I love liquorice.

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