Afternoon tea at the Cadier bar, Stockholm

On my brief trip to Stockholm, I decided to try Cadier Bar’s afternoon tea. The Cadier Bar is located in the downstairs of the Grand Hôtel. The location is fantastic for enjoying the sea view and the historic buildings near the hotel.


Afternoon tea at the Cadier Bar is served from Monday to Sunday between 14 and 17 and pre-booking is recommended.


I had the Cadier Bar afternoon tea. The first tier included a skagen sandwich, tomato and olive mix on thor bread, cold smoked salmon with capers and chive cream on rye bread, and chèvre cream with rosemary honey and levain croutons.


The second tier had an orange scone and a walnut scone (so sugary!). They were served with whipped cream, smetana with vanilla, citrus curd and strawberry jam. The lemon curd was delicious!

The last tier had basil cream with marianted strawberries, rasberry roll cake, a chocolate cookie and a petit four.


Even tough the afternoon tea was pleasant, something was just off. Maybe I still have the Ritz haunting my memory, but Cadier Bar’s afternoon tea was quite bland. The sandwiches were the best part and the sweet tier was the most disappointing.

I can’t pinpoint whether it was the noisy bar area or the bland tiers, but I just didn’t get the usual thrill. To be honest, the tea didn’t leave much of memory and I had a hard time remembering what I ate when I looked at the photos as it was so bland.  At such a high price (45 €!), I just thought there would be something more.

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