Packing for Australia video

I just came back from Australia and I’ll start writing posts about the trip later on this week, but let’s start with what I packed for Australia. I made a video of it. I was going to Australia for my friend’s wedding and I was seeing old friends along the way, so I wanted to have a wardrobe that didn’t make me look like a bum. Australia in February is HOT so I tried to pack things that I could mix and match and would make the heat bearable. I  have such light skin I need to keep it covered pretty well from the sun as I don’t tan but go from the palest of white to angry lobster red in nanoseconds so the idea of just throwing a couple of shorts and tops on doesn’t work for me.

I could have definitely packed less clothes, but these are the things I thought I needed.

The video is just an amateur video.

As often happens, I think I changed the things in my rucksack at least three times after filming the video, so I have overlined the ones  that appear in the video but I didn’t actually take with me  and in bold if I actually used the thing I packed.

dark blue shorts (I actually wished I had brought these with me)

light blue shorts

light striped shorts

Aztec shorts

Marks& Spencer’s long dress (for my afternoon teas)

Ralph Lauren Aztec long dress

short white and blue flower dress

white flowy shirt  (the best idea!)

3 white flowy button down shirts (I could  have managed with just one)

white and blue kimono (the best idea!)

long flowy kimono (changed it into a blue flowy shirt)

black Zara tunic (I actually ended up using at the beach instead, so I could have managed with out this)

Culotte pants  (the best idea!)

long pink and palm tree flowy trousers

long striped linen trousers

white capris

blue elephant top (could have left at home)

pineapple top

Wanderlust top

2 white tops

1 black top

2 black t-tshirts

4 white t-shirts

1 striped t-shirt

1 pair of flip-flops

2 pair of sandals

1 pair of ballerinas

1 hat

1 beach hat (only used it once)

2 pairs of bikini (only used one pair)


beach tunic

beach robe (could have left this at home)

Besides these, I brought the usual pjs, underwear, adapters, towels, handbag, the dress and shoes for the wedding, cosmetics, canvas bag and other bits and bobs.

So that is pretty much what I had in my rucksack. I didn’t need to buy any clothes during the trip so I think I managed to pack fairly well (although others might disagree).

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