Melbourne (video)

dscn7821I landed in Melbourne after a LONG flight. I took the $19 bus to the city centre and went to find my hostel. I stayed a few nights at Space Hostel on Russell Street before crashing at my friend’s place and I can warmly recommend the hostel. It was clean, quiet and close to the city centre.

While my friend had to work, I went to Melbourne Sea Life and to Melbourne Zoo the following day. The video at the bottom of the post is pretty much footage of animals. There is a serious amount of footage of stingrays as I like the way they move.

Melbourne Sea Life was quite big and a fantastic place to escape the sweltering heat. The penguin enclosure they had, was pretty horrendous, and I felt sorry for the animals.

The fastest way to go to the zoo is by train. You enter the zoo at the Rail Gate Entrance.  Melbourne zoo was pretty awesome. I spend almost five hours walking around it. I saw gorillas, platypuses and orangutans!


It was such a hot day that most of the animals just tried to cool down by chilling in the shade. I tried taking a photo of the platypus, but it was too dark and it moved so quickly. I saw two wompats sleeping which was so funny looking because they sleep on their back and looked like logs.

Melbourne has a free tram zone which made moving between places so easy. Make sure you sit the whole route 35 city loop to get a good sense of the city. Melbourne has a big Chinatown so make sure you visit that as it has so many good food places.


One thing I noticed about Australian cities is that their buildings are usually quite flat. They are only a couple of stories high with a couple of big skyscrapers scattered around. It gives the cities a definite non-European look, which is refreshing.

My friend took me to the South Melbourne Markets for dinner. After looking at different food trucks we enjoyed chicken gyros and gelati. My friend also made me try an Australian dessert called Lemmington which is basically Victoria Sponge cake (one of my favourites) covered in chocolate and coconut (my other favourites!).


Melbourne was a lovely city and I wished I could have stayed there a bit longer, but maybe next time.

Here’s the video, enjoy!

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