Afternoon tea at the Westin, Sydney 

The Westin in Sydney caught my attention when I found out that they offer an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s Afternoon tea. As a Carroll fan  (and Disney!) how could I resist?


The Mad Hatter is having afternoon tea

We welcome you to share in his glee

A curious menu, under our clock chime

From noon to 6 daily, do be on time

“Why not start with a blueberry mojito?” the waitress asked. Why not indeed?





The first tier had roasted beef and fresh asparagus roulade on mini laugen, cherry, bocconcini and tomato on freshgreen salad boat and Alaskan crabmeat salad on double bread. My favourite was the salad boat even though it was a tricky piece to eat. I liked how they had reconstructed the typical finger sandwich and I thought it fit the theme perfectly.


On the second tier we had scones with strawberry and rasberry chocolate jam with clotted cream.


The piece de la resistance was the third tier that really gave the tea its name and my taste buds something to do. The rasberry buttercream chocolate ganache with rasberry jelly was just bursting with rasberry flavour. So good!


As a chocolate lover, the chocolate mudcake was an absolute dream. Dark, guey and delicious! I loved the idea of it being a top hat!

The green macaron with a blueberry cream filling was a bit of a let down taste wise, but a pretty to look at.

The Westin  is definitely a place to be seen. Personally, I would have enjoyed a more serene surroundings. At least I kept people around me amazed with how much I could eat. The service was excellent and I’m a sucker for afternoon teas with a theme.

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