Afternoon tea at the QVB, Sydney

DSCN8308 (2)

The Queen Victoria Building, QVB, is a stunning building in Sydney city centre. The beautiful dome, the stained glass windows and the Royal Clock ensure that you can spend a good hour enjoying the beauty of the building. There are shops  as well, but they weren’t really my  style. Apparently, there is a letter from Queen Elizabeth II to the Citizens of Sydney to be opened and read by the Lord Mayor of Sydney in the year 2085. How exciting!  In 2000 the QVB Ballroom was restored to a tea room offering afternoon tea on authentic British silverware and classic Royal Albert china.



The former ballroom is a grandiose tea room. High ceiling, round tables, chandeliers and plush armchairs make it into a beautiful room and if you get a table next to a window you can spy what people are doing in the office building next to you.


Before descending on to the afternoon tea treats you are given a plate of savoury goods. I have no idea what I ate, but they were delicious.




I don’t know why they put the plates in that order, but I followed the etiquette and started with the finger sandwiches. The normal, but tasty, finger sandwiches were the standard kind: cheese, egg and ham. Simple, but good. Why is it that a sandwich made by another taste better than the one you make yourself even if you use the same ingredients?


The scone was light and fluffy.


My second favourite, after the savoury plate, was not surprisingly the sweets. A fruity tartlet, a chocolate cake, a blueberry cake with vanilla cream and a lemon cake.




Afternoon tea is served seven days a week from  10am until closing time. Reservations are recommended.

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