Pit stop in Brisbane, Australia

BrisbaneAfter Sydney I headed to Brisbane. I arrived there around noon and only had a couple of hours to spend there before getting on the bus again. They don’t have lockers at the bus station anymore, but you can leave your bags at the information desk for a fee. This limits your time to explore the city quite a bit because you have to be back to collect your bags before the desk closes.

I was tired from spending a night on the bus and short on time, but luckily, my friend, who is from Brisbane, had given  me a quick to-do list to me in Melbourne otherwise I wouldn’t have known what to do with so little time.

My friend knows me so well as most of the places she had  put on the list were food places.


The first thing on the list was an avocado toast. Well, really it was to have a brunch, but the places had stopped serving breakfast/brunch so I settled for an avocado toast.


Next on the list was a walk to the Gardens and get a donut. I don’t have enough will power to walk past a doughnut sign in neon lights. Especially if their floor tiles encourage me by saying “It’s always a good time!”


I am a literary freak and a fan of Roald Dahl so when a menu has a serving called Veruca Salt that’s what I’ll take.



Look at that beauty! I promise, it will fill your wildest salted caramel cravings!

The last thing my friend had out on her list was to stop at Dark Chocolatier. If she hadn’t put it on the list, I would have probably passed the place without a second glance.


So much chocolate! I was so full of other Brisbane goodies I just ordered a cold chocolate drink to go before going back to the bus station.


Wow, Brisbane was all about food for me. Brisbane seems like a lovely city with a totally different atmosphere than Sydney. Next time I’ll make sure to stay in Brisbane a  bit longer and try some more food.

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