Daydream and Hamilton Islands, Australia

After a quick pit stop at Brisbane, I got back on the bus to go to Airlie Beach.  I had bought an Island Hopper pass and I was ready to hit the islands. Whitsunday Islands are famous for their beauty and they are voted from year to year as a top destination so I was very excited to experience them. Whitsunday Islands consist of 74 islands so it crucial you pick the right islands to visit.

My beach bag was full of watermelon, water, snacks, towels and sunscreen lotion.


I thought the easiest way to experience the Whitsundays would be to buy an Island Hopper pass. I really should read the fine prints and google things a bit more before buying anything. I had thought that these Islands would be in somewhat natural state with white beaches and no one at sight. Not quite.  Both were resort islands.



Daydream Island has two beaches and a big swimming pool, a rainforest walk and their own living reef. I spend most of my time at Lovers Cove looking at fish and having a nap. The beach is not really made for swimming as it so stony. The Mermaid Beach was a bit better for swimming, but I still kept my flight flops on. The good thing about visiting a beach resort is that you can have a shower, there is clean drinking water and you can use the bathroom.



Not the money shot, I was aiming for! 🙂


The best bit about Daydream Island besides the ocean? The animals!


The living reef was incredible. I even found Dory!

You could see schools of  fish at Lovers cove from the beach and they will swarm you as soon as you hit the water. These pictures were taken with a disposable underwater camera with me being just knee-deep in the water.

They even had kangaroos!



I would have probably had a different experience if the resort had been full, but it was nice and quiet. You could just unwind and chill. That is until I got to Hamilton Island…

As I got off the boat at Hamilton Island I was immediately hit with the “Get-me-the-hell-out-of-here!” feeling. The Island itself was beautiful, it was just…  too packed.  Too crowded. People driving like idiots in their stupid golf carts. Not my idea of a relaxing beach day. I was so happy I spend most of the day at Daydream Island. The beach at Hamilton was better though. Nice smooth sand, drinks in coconuts and good for swim. After a nice dip, I decided to ignore the crowd and end my visit on a happy note and hit the ice cream parlour next to the harbour. Yummy!

On the way to the Islands I couldn’t stop myself from wishing I could hop off the boat at one of the more remote beaches. I do have 72 beaches to choose from next time.


Here’s a short video of the islands.

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