Hong Kong Day 1

I wanted to have a stop over on my way back home and Hong Kong seemed to be my easiest option.  I had two full days to explore Hong Kong. I have been to Hong Kong before when I had a stop over there on my way to New Zealand. The previous trip and this trip were like night and day.  Last time I was in Hong Kong in early June and everything was perfect. The weather was fantastic and everything went so well without any extra hassle. Using English with anyone seemed to be so easier last time and everything just clicked better the last time I was here.


Now the main reason why I wanted to have a stop over in Hong Kong was the Giant Buddha. Let’s go back a bit. When I went to New Zealand I took a bunch of pictures of the statue. My memory card got full so I bought a memory stick and I thought I had transferred all the pics to it. When I got home it had all my pictures from London, but only two pictures of Hong Kong with neither of them being a picture of the Giant Buddha. I was determined to get a picture of the statue this time.

I stayed at the Dorsett Mongkok in Hong Kong. It was a nice, clean hotel and once you knew how to get there from the RTF station quite easy to reach. I had the business lounge access, but that was a bit of a disappointment. I’ll share more of the hotel on the video that I’ll put on with the next post about Hong Kong.


So the next morning after breakfast, I headed straight to Lantau Island. I found that the easiest way to travel in Hong Kong is to buy the 1 day tourist pass. It’s valid for 24 hours and if you are going to visit many sights in different parts of the city it pays itself back. The gondola to the top of the Island I had used the last summer was undergoing some repairs so I had to take the bus. As the bus got higher and higher up the mountain and the mist and fog got thicker and thicker,  I got more and more depressed. I had no chance of getting good photos.  By the time I hopped off the bus this is what it looked like.




The mist and fog were so thick I knew it wasn’t going away anytime soon. So I cut my losses, hit the souvenir shops quickly and headed back to the city centre. These are the best shots that I managed to get of the Giant Buddha.


On a clear day it is a sight to behold. Maybe third time will be the lucky one?

After getting back to the city centre, I enjoyed afternoon tea at Shangri-La (more on that later). After that I enjoyed Hong Kong park before doing some shopping. Hong Kong Park is worth a visit. It is a wonderful calm oasis in the middle of the city. You can enjoy the water elements and the flowers. There are also turtles and carp fish you can admire (you aren’t allowed to feed them).

After the park I did some shopping before going back to the hotel. I decided to check out the free nightly light show “The Symphony of Lights”  by the harbour before calling it a night. Hong Kong’s skyline is beautiful and iconic and organizing a light show to promote it is a good move from the Tourism Board. Make sure you are on time if you want a good viewpoint.


So that was pretty much how I spend my first day in Hong Kong. More to follow soon…

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