Aqua di Parma afternoon tea at Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Afternoon tea at the Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong was utter perfection. From delicious and visually stunning food to the posh surroundings and excellent service, it deserves a full five stars for the experience. The best afternoon tea I’ve had since I started this blog!

I was in Hong Kong just in time to enjoy the Aqua di Parma afternoon tea that was served until February 2017. The floral afternoon tea was designed to satisfy all the senses and it was inspired by the scents of the Italian perfumer Acqua di Parma.


The afternoon tea is served at the Lobby Lounge. I managed to get a table next to the window so I had the perfect spot to admire the Lobby and the view. The tea is served in beautiful flowery china that complemented beautifully the colourful desserts.

The savoury tier had all sorts of treats.

A dill marinated salmon, mascarpone cheese, honey mustard sandwich. So good!


A shrimp, avocado, spinach bread with pansy flower. Simply delicious and just look at the colours!


A blue crab meat, tarragon and pink pepper finger sandwich.


A duck liver terrine with raspberry jelly on a brioche. At first I thought the rasberry  was beetroot. I’m not a fan of terrines, but I managed to eat this.


A smoked dust breast sweet mango bite.


Warm plain and raisin scones were served with clotted cream and jams.

Then the last tier: the sweet treats! Just look at them! They must be the prettiest sweet treats, and the best part was they were also delicious. A double whammy!


The had a raspberry chocolate ganache stick and lemon mousse and sponge, but the hotel had also designed a signature sweet treat for the five Le Nobili fragrances.

The Iris  (an exotic compote and ivory coconut mousse),  the Magnolia (a cherry and pistachio tart), the Jasmine  (a pink pepper and mandarin mousse on speculoos crust), the Rose ( a rose and vanilla macaroon) the Peony  ( a raspberry and lychee teat with rose mascarpone cream).

What a treat! Everything was delicious, the atmosphere was good and the service was excellent. An absolutely superb afternoon tea!

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