Hong Kong day 2

I woke up to a chilly Hong Kong weather. After breakfast I googled for ideas on how to spend the day. The great thing about Dorsett Mongkok was that they give you a phone to use during your visit, so you don’t need to worry about any operator charges and you can  use the WiFi hot spots on the move. Totally saved my life as I kept getting lost.


My first stop in the morning was Mo Temple. I had visited it  before and had really liked it. Now I wanted to have some pictures of it. I put my contact lenses on in the morning and after getting to the temple I really regretted it as the insect vapours were making my eyes sting and water. The Temple was as beautiful as ever and I tried not to be in the way and be discreet when I took photos.


Last time I was in Hong Kong I did the boat sightseeing tour which I really liked. Because of the weather and a desire to do something new, I decided to head to Lion’s Pavilion at the Peak to see Hong Kong from a different perspective.


The view was spectacular, but waiting in line for the trams took for ever. Try to get a seat, otherwise your arm muscles and balance are put to test as the tram goes up in a near 45 degree angle.

DSCN8607 – kopioDSCN8614DSCN8616DSCN8618

After getting back I had an hour to kill before I had to be at Langhams for afternoon tea. I saw a sign for Botanical Gardens and I was sold. I wish I had had more time to walk around the park. The Garden must be magnificent in the summer!


I had afternoon tea at Langham’s (more on that later).

I spend the rest of the day shopping toys for my nieces and nephews and other bits and bobs for the family. Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise as it has the high-end brand boutiques and the Temple street markets.


After this is was back to the hotel to re-pack and a shower. One thing that I found a bit inconvenient is that you couldn’t  buy tickets for the RTM and airport express in the same place. I had saved just enough cash to pay for the ticket to the airport and nearly had a mini meltdown when the ticket machine wouldn’t accept one coin. After trying a couple of times, I finally changed to another machine a discount managed to get my ticket.

So that was Hong Kong! A wonderful and lively city with everything for anyone. Next time I want to get that good picture of the Giant Buddha and maybe take the ferry to Macao.

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