Afternoon  tea at Langham, Hong Kong

Ok. Bear in mind that I had afternoon tea at Shangri-La a day before going to Langham, so that perfect afternoon tea was fresh in my mind and I couldn’t help but to make comparisons.


I had booked a table well in advance. The first thing that put me off was the fact that the waitress told me they needed the table back in an hour. Ok. I understand that they run a business and want to take as many customers as they can. But still. An hour is just barely enough time to enjoy afternoon tea. So I had to plough through the dishes fairly quickly and it definitely lessened the whole experience.  I was seated under a horrendous pink lamp so most of my pictures turned out rubbish.


The tea was displayed beautifully on a floor stand and served using delightfully old-fashioned rose patterned china.  Unfortunately, the Langham’s afternoon tea wasn’t much taste wise.


The green tomato was stuffed with green pea humus, sesame paste, lemon and cumin, but didn’t really taste much like anything. The red tomato stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese and basil, and based on the list of ingredients I expected it be delicious, but it didn’t really taste like anything. The tomatoes were served fridge temperature. I don’t know if they could have tasted better room temperature? And served with dry crackers?! Really?! They might have tasted better served with just bread (like rosemary and sea salt!).


DSCN8662The plain and raisin scone were good, but nothing exceptional. They were served with the traditional clotted cream and jams.


The last tier offered something for my taste buds. The tiramisu was lovely and light. The liquorice macaron actually tasted like liquorice. Le Rocher was sinfully chocolately. The Mon Chérie (cherry cardamon mousse, lemon curd and biscuit) was the biggest surprise as the lemon and cardamon combination was really good. The Dulcey Pavlova was delicious and pretty.

The actual tea was delicious, but I only had time to quickly guzzle through one pot.

All in all, not the best experience for me, but try and decide if it works for you.

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