A day in Tallinn

I decided to go across the pond to see if spring was further ahead in Estonia. The weather has been so terrible in Helsinki for the last couple of weeks. Weird sudden blizzards, hailstorms and every other kind of weather except the nice sunny and warm spring days.

I decided to just wing it and went without any plans. After getting off the ferry, I went to get some breakfast.


Sfäär (Mere pst. 6E) offers weekend brunch on Saturday and Sundays between 10 and 15. The menu is pretty mouth-watering and I decided to go with the blueberry smoothie bowl with fresh fruit and coconut and an avocado toast with oven-baked tomato and roasted nuts. I debated a bit about ordering the pancakes as well but I reckoned the smoothie bowl would be quite big and decided to skip them.


The food was ok, but I have had better and cheaper breakfast in Tallinn. I was pretty surprised they charged 6 € for a pot of tea. Sfäär is located close to the harbor so it is easy to wander in.

I can’t get over the fact how much Tallinn has changed over the years. Just the new architecture is stunning to look at and gives Tallinn a really cosmopolitan look.

After wandering the familiar streets in the brisk weather and doing a bit of window shopping, I decided to stop at my favourite Indian restaurant Elevant.

Over the years I must have tried almost half of the dishes on the menu and Elevant never let’s me down. So delicious!

Before getting on the ferry back I had just enough time, and surprisingly enough room left after all the food I had eaten, to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of Brita cake.


So that was my lazy Saturday just relaxing and walking around Tallinn. It seems my time in Tallinn usually involves eating a lot. I wish Helsinki would have the same kind of food scene and especially the prices.

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