A day in Berlin

The World Ice Hockey Championship Games were calling for me in Paris. I looked at prices of airplane tickets and noticed they were so much cheaper to Berlin. I thought I might save money if go to Paris by train or by bus from Berlin. That was the the idea. DBH doesn’t allow oversea purchases for non-domestic trains so I ended up taking a bus. I didn’t want to buy the ticket when arriving in Berlin because I thought the trains might be full plus advance tickets are so much cheaper.  I took a flixbus from Berlin to Paris which cost around 35 €. My return flight’s schedule didn’t allow me to take the bus or the train so I ended buying an airberlin flight from Paris to Berlin. All in all I managed to save like 20€ which wasn’t really worth the hassle.

I had a day to enjoy a rainy Berlin. I honestly love history. I am especially interested in time periods that I have a hard time understanding. I know the facts, numbers and some of the details, but I don’t understand the thinking. So my first stop was the Berlin Wall. I walked there from the HBF.


For 28 years this wall separated loved ones and a nation. A concrete barrier was built to protect and enforce ideologies. Today the idea of a wall sounds ridiculous, until you stop and think that there are still walls being kept up and, unfortunately, being build.


Sometimes when I visit historical sites like these I get depressed because of humanity. What I like to remind myself to get out of that funk is that whenever there has been a great injustice or an appalling grievance there have also been people to fight against it.


After enjoying a cup of tea and avoiding the downpour, I walked to the Reichstag. Next time I’m in Berlin I have to go up the glass dome to see the view of the city as I wasn’t that interested in waiting in the rain.


Next I stopped by the Brandenburg Gate. To me, the Gate brings back memories of old Hollywood epic historical dramas as they modelled their settings after the Gate.


I have never visited a concentration camp. I have wanted to visit one for a long time, but to be honest, I don’t know how I would handle it. Last time I visited the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin I got really upset how people behaved at the memorial. How ignorant can people be? People were sitting and eating on top of the blocks. They are representing the people who died in the holocaust! You wouldn’t sit or eat on a grave! I was so happy when I heard that a German man had started shaming people who were doing it. He takes the picture you had shared on social media (making it free game to photoshop) and changes the background to a horrid still picture from a concentration camp. So you end up seeing a cute girl doing a yoga pose on top of an open mass grave. Very disturbing, but gets the point across! If you want to get the altered photo offline, you have the email him and apologise. There is still hope for humanity!


The remaining time I spend walking around the Mall of Berlin and I managed to enjoy a bit of sunshine before getting on the over night bus to Paris.

Berlin is a fantastic city! Next time I visit it I want to go to the museums and explore it a bit more.

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