Afternoon tea at Le Maurice, Paris

My first stop after leaving my bags at the hotel was the Louvre. After wandering the museum for a couple of hours, I walked to have afternoon tea.

Hotel Maurice serves afternoon tea at the beautiful Le Dali room. I have no pictures of the room as the lightning was not great for photos, but for a Dali admirerer it was a truly breathtaking room. You can choose three different kind of afternoon tea: Dali’s tea time (50€), champagne tea time (68-78 €) and cocooning tea time (225 €). You read the last one’s price correctly. For 225€ you get the afternoon tea, anti ageing facial and a body massage. I chose to have the Dali’s tea time. Le Maurice serves afternoon tea every day from 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. You select your tea from Thé Mariage Freres infusion collection and trust me, you can’t choose wrong from that list.


The first tier has the finger sandwiches. I actually forgot the actual flavours, but there was a beetroot fingersandwich, a sandwich with some type of fish and another one with some kind of meat. Wow. I’m rocking this description part, aren’t I? 🙂


The second tier had a plain scone and a poppyseed scone with clotted cream and jams. 


Lastly,  we had a dreamy salted caramel cookie, a peanutbutter eclaire (?) and an orange dessert. The last one was not my cup of tea. It was beautiful, but my taste buds don’t tolerate orange marmalade. If you like orange marmalade on your toast you will like Le Maurice’s orange dessert.

Besides these you were given a honey Madeleine straight from the oven as well as a piece of fresh kugelopf cake. The Madeleines were absolutely delicious!

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