Suðurland (Southern Iceland), Iceland

We left Laugarvatn early in the morning with the tank full and headed to Vik. We had the Black Beach and Skogafoss on the top of our list, but we decided to stop and have a wander whenever we felt like it. The drive there was stunning. You had crazing sheep on the side of the roads, beautiful lupine fields, grassy hills and wonderful scenery.


Our first stop was Seljalandfoss.


We had bad timing and we parked our car just as three tourist buses arrived so we had to wait a bit to get a photo without any people in them.


It started raining as we left the waterfall. We tried to get a peek of Eyjafjallajökull as we drove, but it was too misty to see it. We saw beautiful glacier water waterfalls along the way.


Skógafoss was our next stop. Iceland has so many beautiful waterfalls in all sizes and forms. You have the long and narrow ones, the short and wide ones and everything in between. It is hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to, it would be Gullfoss just for it size.


My sister was a bit disappointed about missing Eyjafjallajökull because of the fog as she hasn’t seen a glacier (I’ve been to Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand). She got super excited when were greeted by this view.


Turns out that Sólheimajökull glacier tongue extends from the great Mýrdalsjökull glacier right along our route. Perfect! We quickly drove to the parking lot, changed into our hiking boots and we were off to explore.


Looking at the glacier was like looking at a modern painting with the ashen shadows and patterns on top of the white snow.


The low point of the day was when we left the glacier. We saw a parking lot full of people and decided to stop and join in on the fun without bothering to look from the guide books why all the people were there. After walking for 40 minutes we started to have our doubts. We knew there was a plane crash site on the southern coast when we browsed through the travel guides, but neither of us were really keen on in seeing it. Well we saw it alright… After walking 40 minutes we saw the plane and didn’t even bother walking all the way to the wreckage. We quickly turned around and began the 40 minute walk back. After that little excursion, we drove straight to Vik without making any stops.


We didn’t really spend that much time in Vik, but it looked like a cute small village. We parked our car and went to the Black Sand Beach.DSCN9624It is a funny feeling seeing black sand. You know it is “supposed” to be white or light brown, but there it is… jet-black sand on the beach.


We tried to spot puffins, but didn’t manage to see any. The crashing waves were wonderful to listen to, but be careful not to get too close.


The last stop of the day was Black Rock Pillars. They were surreal and looked straight from a fantasy book. Black sand at the bottom and rocks shaped into pillars by the force of nature made it look like a cathedral.


We hopped back to the car and began the journey back to Gaulverjabær where we stayed at Gaulverjaskóli for a night. We arrived there after 8 PM and we quickly made our tasteless pasta dinner and went to bed, because we were going to Reykjavik the next day and had booked a whale watching trip for 9 AM. More on that on the next post.

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