Afternoon tea at VOX, Reykjavik, Iceland

Just before going to the Blue Lagoon, we stopped at VOX to have afternoon tea. It is always a good idea to eat your belly full before wearing your swimsuit, right?


I had booked the afternoon tea in advance. There was twenty minutes of idle waiting as the staff didn’t know that we were there. I thought that the maître d’ had it covered, but I finally just went to the bar to order.


I don’t know how to express the following things without coming off as an elitist snob, but I hope you bear with me. I wanted so much to like afternoon tea. I think it showed a lot of potential, but it didn’t really deliver. The first thing that irked me was the tea. Not served in a pot, it was just a tea bag with a thermos full of hot water. Really? For afternoon tea? Only one tea bag and none of the staff came to refill the termos or ask if we needed anything. They should try serving an Icelandic Afternoon tea where they would have pylsur, skyr and kleinur with a twist as well as other Icelandic food. I think that would make a great selling point and I would happily pay more for that experience.


We had the High Tea which consisted of absolutely divine Icelandic cheeses, olives (that my sister devoured as I don’t like them), onions and slices of bread.



This tier was followed by delicious sandwiches.  We had a mini club sandwiches that were fantastic, a roast beef sandwich and salmon with egg. Just look at that egg yolk!!

The only thing with the sandwiches was that they were all made using the same bread except the club sandwich. The same bread was also served with the cheeses. Can you imagine how delicious that roast beef sandwich would be if it was served with Icelandic rúgbrauð?


We had scones like I have never seen before with cream cheese and jam. They served a tiny tub of white chocolate mousse with blueberries and a small brownie.

Afternoon tea at VOX wasn’t as great as I had hoped it would be, but I hope they manage to improve it in the future. Try it out for yourself and see if you like it.

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