I have experienced and done a lot of things, but there are still things I want to do. This is my forever changing bucketlist:

-visit Japan

-study abroad (again!)

-attend San Diego Comic Con

-attend Coachella

-learn a martial art

-learn to make macarons

-visit a working observatory and look at the stars

-experience Wadi Rum (I’m a huge Lawrence of Arabia fan!)

-visit Australia

-do a course/semester in an Ivy League school in the US or Cambridge/Oxford

-visit Belgium and eat a Belgian waffel

-live abroad (again!)

-attend Mardi Gras

-write a screenplay

-work abroad (again!)

-visit Vietnam

-travel to the Artic Ocean

-visit Cambodia

-see the Northern Lights properly

-see wild orcas (I saw sperm whales in NZ!)

-be an extra in a movie

-spend Hogmanay in Edinburgh

-become fluent in French

-finish my PhD

-visit Iceland

-visit St Petersburg

-publish a novel

-be an extra in Doctor Who

-visit Spain and Portugal

-buy an apartment

-visit New York, Washington DC, San Fransisco, Charleston and Los Angeles

-teach abroad

-live in Edinburgh (again!)

-have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London

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